Ribbon Readings

An ancient form of psychic reading using ribbons

Clear your mind, choose the coloured ribbons that you're drawn to and the medium will interpret your selection for you

Psychic Art

Drawings channelled from Spirit via a medium

Put simply, Psychic Art is where a medium is guided by the spirit world to produce drawings that are relevant to you

Crystal Readings

Flowers are a magnificent and special gift from nature

Every flower has it's own energies and meaning. Let them and the medium speak to you - what will you be able to learn?!

Flower Readings

Flowers are a magnificent and special gift from nature

Every flower has it's own energies and meaning. Let them and the medium speak to you - what will you be able to learn?!

Beryl's Blog

Pearls of Wisdom


Welcome to Beryl's Blog, which will be updated from time to time with he thoughts of Beryl Bradford, founder of Golden Pathways Spiritual Group.


Blog entry - June 25th 2017:


Arisen Friends: Janice Halifax


The Divine Service at Bourne Spiritualist Church on 17th June 2017, was dedicated to the memory of Jan, who passed to the Higher side of life on 11th June 2017. We had lots of fresh flower arrangements for Jan, who loved her flower garden with all the beautiful colours and perfumes.


We sang three of Jan's favourite hymns, as she loved singing with the joy and happiness that it gave in uniting folk with whatever voice they could muster. Helen Glover, one of our Healers, gave a reading that she had composed awhile ago in memory of a Christmas pantomime which various committee members shared with the church.


Jan had a wicked sense of humour and would soon cheer your "blues" away. After the service we had strawberries and cream and a cup of tea. Jan loved her food, especially the sweet variety, and her cup of tea.


Jan was a long-time church member and also served as President for a number of years. We wish her well, much joy and happiness as she unites with her family and friends in the Summerland of Spirit.


Blog entry - June 18th 2017:


Springtime (B.B. 2017)


The man of the house has cut the lawn
Where the beautiful daisies grow
With golden eyes looking to the sun
And ruffles as white as snow
It was a shame to cut them down
And spoil their springtime show
I felt quite sad to see them gone
As I surveyed the smooth green space
But, lo and behold, a sight to see
The man has spared a few, as they nestle between
Fairy and rabbit at the foot of the cherry tree!
How sweet the vista, how magic the scene
For daisy fairies to play
Knowing that their life will last for another day
So thank you to the man of the house
For mowing the lawn with care
Confirming my faith with nature
There is always so much beauty to share
So continue to blossom, sweet daisies
Always follow the sun
Allow the white ruffles to tickle your chin
As you continue to let the golden sunshine stream in.



Blog entry - March 12th 2017:


The Snowdrop (B.B. 2011)


The snowdrop is a dainty flower,
O, so white and pure.
Bringing forth nature's power
On single stem of green,
Topped by a dancing bell of white
Against brown and frozen ground.
A symbol of life's struggle
Overcome and proud.
Bursting forth with energy
Against cold winter snow.
Reminding us there is always hope
That we can learn and grow.



Blog entry - January 15th 2017:


The Twelve Gifts (Anon)


Happiness - deep down within
Serenity - with each sunrise
Success - in each facet of your life
Family - beside you
Close and caring friends
Health inside you
Love that never ends
Special memories - of all the yesterdays
A bright today - with much to be thankful for
A path that leads to a beautiful tomorrow
Dreams - that do their best to come true
Appreciation for all the wonderful things about you
These are the twelve gifts that I wish for you
Not just for today but the whole year through.....