Ribbon Readings

An ancient form of psychic reading using ribbons

Clear your mind, choose the coloured ribbons that you're drawn to and the medium will interpret your selection for you

Psychic Art

Drawings channelled from Spirit via a medium

Put simply, Psychic Art is where a medium is guided by the spirit world to produce drawings that are relevant to you

Crystal Readings

Using crystal energies to help deal with life issues

Crystals are used to help people understand and deal with challenges they're facing in their lives

Flower Readings

Flowers are a magnificent and special gift from nature

Every flower has it's own energies and meaning. Let them and the medium speak to you - what will you be able to learn?!


Profits generated from our entrance fees and raffles are donated to local charities. Please see below for the dates and details of the donations made so far. A huge thank you to everyone who has attended our events for making this possible.


July 2019: £100 to the Carers Sitter Service (01778 420257 or email carersitterservice@gmail.com)